Laren Family Hotel & SPA was established in the elite area of Lara/Antalya covering 3500m2, 59 stylish and luxury rooms and a capacity of 181 beds. It is the newest, most comfortable and luxurious hotel in the region, completely renovated in 2017.

Laren Family Hotel & Spa is a Boutique class that offers quality oriented service on every platform to provide a peaceful and relaxing holiday for its customers. In our hotel which presents the new generation of boutique hotels we offer 3 concepts: all inclusive, half board as well as bed and breakfast to our customers. One facility has a main restaurant as well as an a la carte restaurant where you can taste exquisite delicacies from rich cuisines from all over the world. There is also a free of charge modern pool which also allows you to enjoy your holiday.

  Çağlayan Mahallesi 2054 Sok. No: 21 Muratpaşa / Antalya

  +90 242 323 33 33

Çağlayan Mahallesi 2069 Sokak No: 11 Muratpaşa Antalya.

  +90 242 351 15 15


Laren Seaside Hotel & SPA has a capacity of 117 beds with 40 elegant rooms (comfort room, deluxe-comfort room, jacuzzi suite). , is established on an area of 2500 m2 in the elite location of Antalya, Lara region. Fully renovated in 2019, it is one of the newest, most comfortable and luxurious hotel in the region.

The Laren Seaside Hotel and SPA is a family hotel, offering a sense of quality in all platforms to give our guests a tranquil and relaxing holiday.

Our hotel offers 3 concepts: all-inclusive, half board as well as bed and breakfast. The newest generation of boutique concept hotels just for our customers on Laren Seaside Hotel & SPA. Of course it includes 1 main restaurant and also a modern pool where you can enjoy your holiday without any additional charges.


Laren Luxury Resort has a capacity of 272 beds with 32 elegant villas ( 30 villas with 4 bedroom suitable for 8 guests and 2 super luxury villas with 8 bedrooms suitable for 16 guests) established on an area of 12771 m2 in the most elite location of Antalya, Belek. It is the newest, most unique, comfortable and luxurious resort in the region.

Laren Luxury Resort offers an enclave of secluded modern villas that enjoying sweeping lake views. They host superb luxuries ideal for guests seeking a truly captivate a Turkish vacation. To be constructed with modern and first class materials within an exclusive Haven like Complex and each villa with its own private swimming pool. A truly magnificent vacation…

  Kadriye Mahallesi No:1, D:No 515, 07525 Serik

  +90 242 349 66 22

Çağlayan Mahallesi 2050 Sokak No: 2 Muratpaşa Antalya.

  +90 242 349 66 22

Laren City Hotel & SPA

Laren City Hotel & Spa has a capacity of 185 beds with 60 elegant rooms (comfort room, deluxe-comfort room, Jacuzzi suite) established on an area of 3,200 m2 in the elite location of Antalya, Lara Region. It is the newest, most comfortable and luxurious hotel in the region.

The hotel will offer 3 concepts: all-inclusive, half board, bed & breakfast. Our hotel will offer a new generation boutique hotel concept to its customers.


Laren Mountain Paradise Hotel (Resort since it is composed of villas?) and Spa will be one of the most exclusive hotels (resort?) in Turkey.

Designed on an area of 40000 m2 and consisting in 80 villas in 4 different concepts. This 5-star hotel (resort?) will be the first of its kind truly dedicated to promote a healthy oriented vacation

Situated in the Abdurrahmanlar area of Belek, this hotel (resort) boasts a spectacular 30 km coastline of the Antalya Province (from Kemer to Serik).
The design of this complex has been completed and the project start date will be determined after obtaining the necessary permits.

  Antalya / Turkey

  +90 242 349 66 22