Exceptional Opportunities for Shareholders

    Upon completion of construction and commencement of operation, shareholders may transfer their SHARES to the Company or to third parties at the daily rate. If they do not intend to sell it, they can have about 25% to 30% of their foreign exchange earnings per annum for life. The benefits of investing in this project are valuable to shareholders using hotel services...

    Be a Shareholder of a Luxury Resort

    By buying your shares during the construction period your stock price will be doubled by the time of Project Completion; that means you will earn 50% in foreign Currency during the year of Construction. The shareholders who initially buy the shares will receive significant benefits, more benefits than the shareholders who invest near the start of the project or after the resort becomes operative...

    Guaranteed Luxury Life

    You buy the share of a company that the main Land of the resort and adjacent land that has been already bought and is owned by the company. After the construction of the resort and adjacent land, you will be a shareholder of a Super luxury resort. The Growth of your investment in the resort construction and earning of Foreign exchange for Shareholders will be Paid Permanently...

    In The Heart of Turkey, Antalya / Belek

    Laren Luxury Resort is in one of the greatest and most beautiful cities of Turkey which has almost 8 months of sun in the year and also is a paradise for Tourists from all around the World. the land is located in the province of Antalya, Serik district, Kadriye neighborhood,  319/01 parcel in Kadriye, Belek Area.

    Distance to resorts independent Sand Beach is 2km that also there is a shuttle for transferring guests between resort and beach. The distance from Antalya international airport is 22km and the most central point of the city is 35km. Referred to as Parcel Turkey’s Disneyland, came to the center of fun and adrenaline, water skiing, outdoor concerts, theme parks, shopping, festival area, luxury restaurants, and cafes on the spot frequented by distinguished local and foreign tourists, The Land of Legends Theme Park 300m from the resort.


    Hotels & Companies

    Ren Group Holding

    Ren Homes

    Ren Homes construction and real estate management has been established to construct various superstructure, infrastructure, and residential building projects in our home country Turkey and abroad. Ren Homes construction and real estate is now increasing its competitive strength in both national and international markets...


    Laren Family Hotel & Spa

    Was established in an elite area of Lara /Antalya in an area of 3500 m2 with 59 stylish and luxury rooms and a capacity of 181 beds. it’s the newest most comfortable and luxurious hotel...


    Laren Seaside Hotel & Spa

    Has a capacity of 117 beds with 40 elegant rooms (comfort room, deluxe-comfort room, jacuzzi suite) established on an area of ​​2,500 m2 in the elite location of Antalya, Lara Region...


    Laren Diamonds

    Established in 2019, Laren Diamonds is Turkey's leading destination for high quality fine jewellery with strikingly exquisite designs. We aim at revolutionizing the fine jewellery and lifestyle segment in Turkey with a firm focus on craftsmanship...